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The in's, out's, and all around's of a Brazilian.


By: Catrian Schutzer

     Have you always wondered what the heck a Brazilian wax actually is? Or honestly, how bad it hurts? And which complete stranger do I trust to rip the fuzz off my lady bits? If your idea of waxing is similar to something like the scene from 40 year old virgin, let us enlighten you. For starters, it’s really not that bad. At the end of each Brazilian, almost every client says, “ya know, it really wasn’t that bad.” Believe me, the last thing we want to do is scar you for life. So let me set the scene for you. You come into our cute little boutique and you are greeted by our receptionist. She’ll ask you to fill out a pretty simple consent form. The consent form gives us a good idea of what medications you’re currently using, or any products that could possibly give us an issue while waxing. As long as we see nothing that would cause a complication, we will then take you back into your own private room and begin the service. So here’s what you need to you know:

●Your hair should be at least ¼ in long. (Basically a grain of rice) You should know; the longer your hair is, the better of a result you will get.

●A Brazilian wax consists of removing all hair from down there. Front to back. Yes, we will be waxing that a**.

●Expect to drop those panties, but we will keep you covered with a towel to make you feel slightly more at ease.

●Be nice to your Esthetician, we’d appreciate if you shower or tidy up before introducing us to your lady bits. But it’s also extremely important for bacterial reasons.

●Wear loose fitting clothing. You will have to put something back on, and take it from me, tight jeans on a freshly waxed “giny” is not a pleasant feeling.

●Don't freak out! Remember, mind over matter.

●We are speedy! Our Brazilians normally take no longer than 15 minutes, so we won’t have you sweating for too long. And always remember, the more regularly you get these done the easier it gets.

●Apply the post treatment cream we send you home with. Redness, heat, or a slight tender feeling is expected for 1 to 2 days after waxing. These creams are made to alleviate any discomfort you might be experiencing. Use them!

●Exfoliate! Before and after your Brazilian. We advise that you exfoliate 3 days after your service and then once or twice weekly until your next appointment. This will help remove and prevent those pesky ingrown hairs.

●Be nice to your little peach. Take it easy for a day or two after your treatment. No scented scrubs, stay away from fragranced soaps or lotions, and no constrictive clothing.

●We’d like to see you back in 4 to 6 weeks for your next Brazilian. Hair grows in three different stages; normally it takes a full 4 to 6 weeks for cycle of hair to have grown through. We recommend planning your Brazilian wax around your period. Try to come soon after its ended, that way, it’s the hairiest when it’s the last thing you want to look at.

       Lastly, choosing an Esthetician should be taken as seriously as your choice in boyfriend (or girlfriend for that matter.) I mean really, who else see’s that thing other than us? Don’t even think about stepping foot in that nail salon. Seriously, don’t. Please say no to your best friend who wants to wax you on the kitchen table. Your friendship isn’t worth it. And for the love of god, please don’t try this at home. The money you spend on your professionally done Brazilian is going to cost you a lot less than the emotional damage you will cause yourself. We truly try our best to make you as comfortable as we possibly can. We understand it’s a big step showing “all of that” to someone you barely know. Just know, that we are on that same table once a month de-fuzzing our own peaches. So, stop shaving like yesterday, and book your appointment with us today.

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