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Waxing Wisdom

By :: Catrian Schutzer

   We have all had the "Nail Salon" waxing experience at some point in our lives. You're sitting in a sketchy back room on a computer chair, the wax is crazy hot, it  felt as if your eyelid has just been completely ripped off your face, and awesome...half of my  eyebrow is missing. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that story. So, why do so many people still choose to put your poor eyebrows' lives in the hands of a Nail Technician?  Being waxed is a pretty extensive treatment. Not only are you letting a stranger put a hot, sticky liquid on your skin to then rip off, but you are also depending on this person to be clean and properly sanitized. I would bet my bottom dollar that the nail salon you are currently going to is probably not licensed to wax. Most likely,  they weren't trained properly in sanitation or technique. Those warm little wax pots are a home designed for harmful bacteria. The diseases that can transfer from an unsanitary wax pot, to a client is a nightmare. I've heard horror stories of a nail tech using the same stick on three different clients. That literally gives me heart palpitations.
     So, where should you go? Please do your research! My advice is to look for a place that specializes in waxing. Try looking for a place that hires only licensed estheticians. You have every right to walk in that door and ask to see a state-issued license. You have every right to ask if they were properly trained. You have the right to ask them if they are properly sanitized. And by God, if you see that stick being double dipped, please get out of that chair and run for the door.
    So, what makes us different? Here at Skinterest we use only the finest grade of wax. We choose to use Nufree, It's a wax, that contains no sticky wax. Huh? Nufree is a hair-removal system similar to waxing except it doesn't contain any wax, honey or sugar, and is antibacterial and antimicrobial. This is a soy based product that wraps fully around the hair follicle, making the wax itself less irritable and much more comfortable for the client. Nufree can be used on a very low setting, so it doesn't cause unnecessary heat to your skin. Heat causes redness, no one wants to look like a burn victim from waxing. As a licensed Esthetician, we worry most about the condition of your skin when it comes to waxing. You shouldn't be leaving red, itchy or irritated. We know how to work with different skin types so, the wax for each client is custom tailored. We use amazing after care products to make sure the temperature of your skin has cooled down and you leave barely pink.
      We promise to help you achieve those bombshell brows you've always been looking for. We can give you a succsessful waxing treatment without wanting to cry after wards. And we promise, you will want to come back. Give us a try and come experience the Skinterest difference.

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