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The year full of Filler: Trend or Tragedy

By: Chelsea Cornelius     


      Being in the field of Esthetics, my job is to make people feel beautiful outwardly. For some it's an easy process, I'm simply taking their natural beauty and enhancing it or prolonging it. For others it's a longer and more painful road to get to what they see as their end goal.

      In the beauty industry we see so many trends come and go and what's interesting, is that we are seeing younger and younger generations coming in for treatments and regimens. This to some extent is a great practice. If we start them young, there are less issues in the future, and more knowledge to help them make wise skincare choices. But something I am seeing becoming a disturbing trend is that these young, teens to early twenty something year old's are willing to go to almost any length for beauty. The heavy make-up, dark spray tans, and false lashes, now to lash extensions, and microbladed eyebrows. What's even more alarming is the movement on the most extreme, plastic surgery. A recent article just came out speaking about the the up tick in copy cat procedures among young women. I'm sure we can all guess who that certain young celebrity is whom these girls are trying to emulate. 

       Who can blame them really? We live in a world plagued with young celebrities who are setting the tone for what young adulthood should physically look like. Slim waists, big butts, thigh gaps, pouty lips, contoured this, highlighted that. If you thought being a teenager was hard then, can you even begin to imagine what it's like now? And it doesn't help that we have pictures of these beautiful men and women at our fingertips as we continue to scroll. So do we blame social media, the internet, the celebrities?

      The answer is no, the issue is not the internet or the young misled celebrities who promote this lifestyle. In my opinion this issue starts much closer to home, in fact dare I say it; it starts within the home. Not only do our younger generations deal with this feeling of not being good enough, skinny enough, pretty enough, simply not having enough. It is the older generations that feel the same pressures, and it's our response to dealing with those pressures that teaches the inadequacy in our younger generations. So how can we change this behavior? Easy really, the answer is change our own mindset. How do you do this you ask? One easy tip I have for you, in fact that I challenge you to this; think about 3 things that you love about yourself, look in your bathroom mirror and every morning speak these positive reinforcements over yourself. If you are consistent with this daily habit you will eventually start to fully believe these wonderful truths about yourself.  

      Listen, wanting to improve upon who you are to be the best version or yourself is something to strive for! But heavy make-up, that unable to breath waist trainer, and a filler here and there doesn’t fix those deep seeded insecurities. At the end of the day we all struggle with something we would like to perfect, but let us be reminded, whether we are parents, or educators, or someone like me who is in the Esthetic world, beauty comes from within and it's our job to start teaching that and believing that because in this case our words can create a very powerful reaction.


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